About Us

    The East District has had the honor of serving the Church of God Congregations in Eastern Kentucky since 2005. The District is composed of 69 Churches in 24 counties. This ministry was established to promote Unity among our local congregations. The mission from the beginning was to form a Spirit of Unity that the Pioneers of the Reformation Movement thought was a vital truth. They knew there was only one Church the Body of Christ.

      The East District has sought out ways to promote Unity over the past nine years. The first East District Rally held in 2006. God used this service to launch this new ministry. We meet at the end of a year at a local Church to share the plans for the upcoming new year. The East District has been blessed to have James and Lena Reynolds as East District Youth Coordinators. They assist the District with scheduling a Spring and Fall Youth Rally each year. We give our youth an opportunity for our Student Ministries to get acquainted with one another and to experience a time of worship together. We conclude each year with a Christmas Banquet.

      The East District has developed a website to be used to facilitate information through. In 2008 the first East District E-Newsletter sent out to share the Good News of the East District. This Newsletter is now since out every month to over 1,000 contacts. We have used Social Media to assist us with this mission as well. Our Facebook Page has been a great tool to share pictures, flyers and much more.

     The East District goal is to touch lives, establish relationships and to serve the Church. We want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to the Churches that have hosted events and for your support over the years. It was through your prayers and financial efforts that we exist.

    Our Mission Statement is ” May the Unity of the Spirit mold us by the Word of God unto the perfect body attracting all men that they may be saved honoring our Lord. “